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When it comes to dog grooming Santa Rosa pet owners trust Windsor-based Homegrown Pet Supply.

Dog grooming is an important service. But it’s not just for aesthetics; it’s for your convenience—since dog grooming reduces the amount of time you need to spend grooming.

There are also important health benefits that professional grooming offers.

Expert dog grooming santa rosa ca

In addition to keeping your dog looking and smelling great, professional grooming offers these health benefits:

  • Regular bathing washes away dirt and helps prevent skin irritations.
  • Coats can become matted and cause painful pulling on the skin. Detangling prevents this.
  • Careful brushing gets rid of dead skin and distributes the dog’s natural oils.
  • Using the correct brushes for your dog’s coat type removes damaged and dead hair, which allows for new growth and a healthy coat.
  • When the groomer handles your dog, he or she can detect lumps, bumps and skin irritations before they pose a painful or serous health condition.
  • Nail trimming helps reduce the risk of tearing nails and causing painful posture.

What You Can Expect from Our Dog Grooming Services

Expert dog grooming windsor caA session typically begins with the dog being brushed. Mats will get combed out before the bath, making it easier to lather the dog with shampoo.

The groomer will clean the dog’s ears and check for signs of infection. After this, he or she will bathe and dry the dog.

The next step is to trim or clip your pet with clean, sanitized brushes and clipper blades. The dog is trimmed, clipped, or shaved, depending on the breed and your requested service.

Groomers will trim most dogs over the eyes, on the ears and bottoms of the feet. They trim the dog’s nails to a comfortable length so the nails don’t grow too long and become painful.

If your dog’s teeth need cleaning, the groomer can also perform this function, although regular teeth cleaning should also be done every day at home.

Professional Dog Grooming in our Santa Rosa/Windsor Store

Professional groomers have all the right tools to help your dog look its best. The shampoos they use are nontoxic and gentle for dogs with skin allergies or irritations, or those with fleas.

Our groomers also know how to groom for breed shows. This requires knowledge of the specific breed and precise attention to detail so your dog looks its best.

Quality dog grooming santa rosa ca

Very importantly, our Santa Rosa dog groomers know how to handle dogs! Professional groomers have LOTS of experience with many types of dogs.

They know how to handle older dogs, or those that become anxious or aggressive. Animals like this must be handled gently and confidently. Some may need to be muzzled while being groomed, and our groomers can do this.

Young puppies and dogs who have never been groomed often need special care at first. You can prepare them at home by taking gentle and gradual steps to handle and brush your dog.

For example, you can touch their feet and nails and give them treats. A good tip to prepare for professional dog grooming is to run an electric toothbrush around the coat for dogs that will need to be clipped.

Menu for Dog Grooming Santa Rosa CA

Whether you pet needs a bath or a haircut we’ve got you covered! We use high-quality shampoos and conditioners so you can be confident that your pet will feel and smell great after their visit with us. Call to set up an appointment to pamper your pooch!

If you want to schedule dog grooming Windsor CA based Homegrown Pet Supply provides the following services:

Full Groom

Includes Bath (Shampoo, Condition, Blueberry facial), Blow Dry, Nail Trim, Haircut, and Ears Cleaned.

  • Small Dog $65 and up
  • Medium Dog $75 and up
  • Large Dog $85 and up
  • Extra Large Dog $125 and up

Bath Only

Bath, Dry, Nail Trim (No Haircut)

Short Hair

  • Small $40 and up
  • Medium $45 and up
  • Large $60 and up
  • Extra Large $80 and up

Long Hair

  • Small $50 and up
  • Medium $60 and up
  • Large $70 and up
  • Extra Large $100 and up

Nail Trim Only $15

Dremmel $20

Extra charges may apply to

  • Matted Dogs
  • Difficult Dogs
  • Senior Dogs

Self-Wash Station $20

Read about our Self-Wash Station

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