Advice on Dog Food Santa Rosa Pet Owners Should Remember

When choosing dog food Santa Rosa pet owners see a lot of advertising and claims. But advertising volume only means a manufacturer has a large advertising budget.

What they sell isn’t necessarily the right food for your dog—if it’s even healthy. According to Pet MD, “feeding your dog a high-quality well-balanced food is one of the best things that you, as a pet owner, can do to keep your dog healthy.”

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Here is a glimpse of some of the dog food brands we carry. 

The right food will help keep your dog’s coat shiny and vibrant as well as boost your pet’s immune system and keep his digestive system healthy. But dog food packaging often make confusing claims.

Tips on Choosing Dog Food Santa Rosa Consumers Can Use

Here are some things that will help you choose better source for dog food in Santa Rosa, Windsor and nearby areas:

  1. Keep your dog’s breed, age, activity, and reproductive status in mind. Active breeds need more calories. Sedate breeds, on the other hand, need far less, and the right dog food will help your dog avoid obesity and the issues it poses. Puppies and lactating mothers need more calories, but older pets require fewer. A dog’s size may impact the size of the kibble that it can comfortably manage.
  1. Read and understand the ingredients. Become a dog food label reader. The first ingredient should ALWAYS be meat. Never corn. Corn is just a filler and offers no nutritional value for dogs. Also, keep in mind that not all grains are the same: corn and wheat are generally bad. Rice, Brown Rice, Oatmeal, Sorghum, Quinoa, Millet, and Chia Seeds are much higher quality grains with more nutrients/benefits.
  1. Figure out what works best for YOUR dog’s diet so your pet can live a happy and healthy life. Don’t buy a food because you saw a commercial on TV that said it was a good food. Do your own research and form your own opinion based on your pet’s specific needs. It may take some time to find what the “best” option is, but we can help you figure it out. Feel free to ask!
  1. Check the statement about nutritional adequacy. Look for the nutritional information on the can or bag. You should find a nutritional adequacy statement that provides guidance. Examples: “for all life stages,” “provides complete and balanced nutrition for maintenance of adult dogs,” or “for puppies.”
  1. Always look for the AAFCO statement on the back. AAFCO, the Association of American Feed Control Officials, is a voluntary membership association of local, state and federal agencies that helps regulate the sale and distribution of animal feeds and animal drug remedies.

When it comes to advice about dog food Santa Rosa, Windsor and Guerneville pet owners trust Homegrown Pet Supply!

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